Why seashells?

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The people of China’s Shandong Province have 3000km of coastline on their doorstep. But for as long as they can remember, every beach there has been spoiled by millions of shells being washed ashore from the powerful Pacific winds.

No beaches mean less tourism, and less tourism means the local economy suffers. That was until 2010, when we gave the regional government a way to clean up the beaches without the need for destructive machinery and expensive landfill.

A clean up project like no other
We now work with the environmental protection agency, employing local residents to gather seashells from the beaches to be put to much better use as Oceanware. Our top-quality tableware is almost identical to bone china, but uses repurposed seashells instead of bone ash. This makes Oceanware much stronger, more durable, lighter and less brittle than its bony relative. And a sustainable alternative that’s perfect for vegans and vegetarians.

Your hotel, restaurant or cruise ship needs it
Find out why Oceanware is far superior to bone china and get in touch to learn how your business could benefit.


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