Better than bone china

Chinaware was invented thousands of years ago, but it was only in the 18th Century that cattle bone was added to create the first fine bone china.

Oceanware is made in much the same way, but adding seashells instead of bone. So it’s just as elegant as bone china, but far superior in every other way.

Stronger – seashells are and less brittle than bone, and this makes Oceanware durable enough to go in the microwave and dishwasher
Lighter – seashells aren’t as dense as cattle bone, so your tableware will be much easier to handle
Brighter – bone is naturally duller than seashells, and this gives Oceanware a much more naturally brilliant white appearance
Vegan & veggie friendly – with no animal bone content, you can serve vegetarians and vegans confidently using the finest dinnerware
Sustainable – our shells are carried in by ocean tides and gathered from shorelines with the blessing of environmental and marine protection agencies

This is all without the fact that Oceanware supports the local economy in China where we get the shells from. What better way to show your CSR commitment?

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